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I specialize in eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, behavior problems, friendship and relationship issues, and problems at school. I have trained and worked at Sierra Tucson, one of the world’s best substance abuse treatment centers, and have provided inpatient treatment for addictions and behavioral problems. I believe in the value of psychotherapy and understand that everyone is different.

I provide individual and family therapy primarily working with children ages 9 and over, teens, and young adults.

E.B. White said, “A break in the clouds and all is changed.” I believe in the value of psychotherapy and understand that everyone is different and provide treatment tailored to each client’s specific needs. Therapy provides that needed respite, “break in the clouds.” Clients have told me that my energy and creativity makes it easier to adjust to the therapy process.

photo-interviewInterviewed on KVOA channel 4 about summer activities for kids and teens

Special Interests

Dr. Dvoskin has a special interest in mental health practices around the globe. When traveling, Dr. Dvoskin takes opportunities to learn about the culture of each place she visits as well as whenever possible speaks with mental health providers (and even visits mental health facilities when allowed).

Dr. Dvoskin has been to a village in West Africa and an orphanage in South Africa. She has met with mental health providers in Scotland, Ecuador, Canada, and South Africa. Dr. Dvoskin has learned about mental health treatment in places such as Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Israel.

Notable Achievements

Dr. Dvoskin was named one of Tucson, Arizona’s Up and Coming 40 under 40 in 2014.

Dr. Dvoskin was awarded the Arizona Psychological Foundation’s Outstanding Early Career Psychologist Award in 2014.


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